• Smokey Lash Enhncement Liner $300
  • Classic Eyeliner $350
  • Winged Liner $400
  • Dusty/ Shaded Liner $400
  • *description & photos below
  • Microblading $450
  • Combo Brows $475
  • Powder/ Ombre Brows $485
  • Nano/ Machine Hair stroke Brows $500
  • Pixel Brows $450
  • LIPS
  • Lipblush $450
  • Lipstick Look $500
  • Lipliner $350
  • Dark/cool toned Lip Neutralization $500- A specialized treatment where dark tones are neutralized. Additional touch up sessions MAY be necessary to achieve desired outcome, sessions are $75 each. Patience is key with color corrections and trusting the process.
STYLES OF BROWS             
All styles are available  including microblading, combination brows (hair strokes & shading), Powder , Pixel & ombre brows.  Confused? We can decide at your appointment! All of these names can be confusing! People need to stop creating their own names for procedures because it confuses the client.  Which is why I typically dont bother deciding prior to the appointment and rather discuss with the client in person to ensure you understand and get the brows you desire.  Below I have attempted to outline the different brow styles noting other possible names you may have heard for the same techniques. All procedures basically go the same way. Prior to the procedure we shape and customize your brows to a size and shape that compliments your facial features, select a color that best matches your natural complexion and skin tone baring in mind undertones and skin conditions.Topical anesthetics are applied before and during the procedure to keep pain and discomfort to a minimum. The procedure requires approximately two hours and there is no “down time”. 
MICROBLADING- Best for normal to dry skin. For a perfectly distinguished brow, the delicate process of custom microblading is created manually tattooing strokes to evenly mimic natural hairs and amplify your current arches.  The process will leave your brows as a natural or bold and low-maintenance defining feature, in a shape that enhances your unique face. I can create more dramatic brows, build density or fill in areas with shading. The procedure is approximately an hour and a half  and there is no “down time”. A touch up is required 8-12 weeks after the initial procedure. After the initial touch up,  touch ups are recommended yearly to maintain color and crispness of the strokes. Lasts 12-30 months w/ proper care.  Please note:  Microblading is not for everyone…. For the first 10-12 days, eyebrows will appear darker, bolder, and thicker due to scab formation  and the natural skin healing process of the immune system. This is common and to be expected for all permanent makeup procedures.
OMBRE/POWDER BROWS-Suitable for most skin types. Also known as micro shading, magic shading  (I know right?), Bombre, Softap etc.  No more filling in your brows! This machine technique achieves a natural soft powder look.  This technique is less selective in terms of ideal candidacy and can be  more successful for those with oily skin, aging skin, acne prone skin, sensitive skin, and even those who have had previous permanent makeup.   A touch up is required 2-3 months after the initial procedure. Lasts 12-36 months.  Yearly touch ups are recommended to maintain color richness and shape.
NANO HAIRSTROKE BROWS Suitable for MOST skin, best option for oily skins who desire hair strokes. Or those who want a softer power brow with less defined edges and an ombre approach toward the head of the brow. This gentle, semi-permanent tattoo uses Nano Needle's and or Acupuncture needles  to tattoo each individual hair stroke, emulating the texture, depth and movement of real eyebrow hair. Soft shading can also be easily layered to mimic density and fuller brows. The same technique is used for a soft ombre brow with no hairstrokes.  Nano brows are suitable for all skin types. The process takes about 2.5 hours depending on how much natural hair you have and desired fullness. Bleeding is minimal and the healing time is typically shorter than microblading. Touchups are required between 12 and 18 months after healing. Also known as digital hairstyles,  Manicured brows that look realistic. Nano brows are custom created to combine hair stroke and shading techniques, or s soft powder/ombre look to leave your arches looking as though you happened to be born with naturally perfect brow hairs.
COMBO BROWS - Good option for oiler skin.The combo brow is the best of both techniques, combining  the hairstrokes of microblading with the shading of Ombre.  This technique is a good option  for those with minimal or no brow hair or patchy spots, and/or for those who just want a fuller looking brow.   Created with microblading an shading for depth and dimension using a Nano needle. The results will remain natural, with a slighter deeper definition. Clients who undergo this service can expect a similar healing experience as a regular microblading brow tattoo. The process takes 90 to 120 minutes and the majority of our clients require 2 sessions to have their brows perfected. Touch up appointments can be made 2 to 3 months after your first visit. Lasts 12-30 months w/ proper care.

*Style & shape will be discussed & drawn AT THE APPOINTMENT. There are labeled photos under the Gallery tab. If  You aren't certain, I can help you decide.                                                             
within 2-3 months are $65
for ALL services.
*Isolated scar area-$75
    3 sessions-$200, 
with DMK home prescriptives- $399
*Full Face- $225
   3 sessions- $545, 
with DMK home prescriptives- $744
**Home prescriptives include a full 
skincare regimen from basic to 
correctives, this AMAZING price 
is only available with a treatment plan.
* $65 in 8-12 weeks (2-3 months)
 * $135 in 12-16 weeks (3-4 months)
* $175 in 4-12 months
* Additional Brow touch-ups 
are $195 in the first year
* Annual touchups are half the 
original price (12-15 months)
* Annual touchups for all services 
the original price, with a 3 month
 grace period, so 12-15 months 
                                     from original procedure date.                                                  
 If you have poorly done permanent 
make-up, I can help. Trained, and 
certified to perform pigment 
lightening/removal using  Li-FT 
by Li Pigments, a safe, high content 
salt and fruit seed extract solution 
which is extremely effective in pigment 
lightening and removal.  The solution 
is safe for all areas including the eyeliner. 
Removal sessions range from $80-$250
depending area size and saturation.  
*Typically a full brow or eyeliner removal 
 is $200 for the first session, 
sub sequential sessions will be less however 
determined at your appointment.
  • A $100 deposit is required to reserve a permanent makeup appointment and is due upon receipt or 2 days later if your appointment is more than 15 days out. Appointments will be cancelled once 5 days overdue. This is to ensure a contract between artist and client, I will be available & ready for your service and you will be present/ follow all aftercare instructions.  The reservation fee is applied to your service & is non refundable. The deposit remains valid if the appointment is rescheduled within 65 days of the deposit date.
  • Additional charges may be incurred if aftercare instructions are not followed, resulting in poor retention.
  • Permanent makeup appointments cancelled with less than a 48 hour notice will be charged a 30% cancellation fee.
  • Once complete, services are non-refundable.  Every attempt will be made to ensure your happiness with the procedure.

My Permanent Makeup Training

  • Microblading – 3 day trainingAngela JamesExpressions Brow Studio, Atlanta, GA 2015
  • Machine training, 6 days. Mahnaz Bahaelou & Brandon Spear Elite Permanent Makeup, Los Angeles, CA 2016
  • Combination Brows Workshop. Daria Chuprys, Daria Chuprys Permanent Makeup Academy Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, CA 2017
  • America The Beautiful Permanent Makeup Conference.  Los Angeles CA. 2017
  • Aquarelle LipsAngie Kwiatowski, Center for Applied Aesthetics, Chicago, IL. 2017
  • Feathered Machine Hairstrokes. Monica Ivani, MyBrows Permanent makeup Academy,  Dublin City, Ireland 2017
  • Li-Ft Tattoo Removal.  Teryn Darling, Girlzink, Las Vegas NV 2017
  • Brow Slayer.  Jennifer Mendoza Boyd (jennboydink.com) & Will Anthony (Willanthonycosmetics.com). Stephenson Ranch, CA 2018
  • Jenn Boyd Hairstrokes workshop. Jennifer Mendoza Boyd,  Jenn Boyd Ink, Stephenson Ranch, CA.2018
  • Nano lines-Draw with Mary. Mary Ritcherson, MR Natural Lines Advanced Permanent Makeup & Training, Tampa FL. 2018
  • Brow Masterclass. Monica IvaniMyBrows Permanent makeup Academy, Dublin City, Ireland/ The Brow Project, Dallas, TX 2019
  • Dusty LinerDaria Chuprys, Daria Chuprys Permanent Makeup Academy Beverly Hills, Charlotte NC 2019
  • Balyage Brows Masterclass.  Ruben Kasper aka Brow Daddy, Brow Daddy Academy, Charlotte, NC 2019
  • Advanced Needle Class: Inside Needle Knowledge. Jill Hoyer,  I.N.K, Charlotte, NC 2019
  • Design of Eyebrows.  Jessica Luna,  Jessica Luna Design & Micropigmentation Academy, Cancun, MX 2020
  • Foxy Liner. Kristina Melnicenco, 5 Star Academy Dallas, TX 2020
  • Needle science and In-Depth Color Theory. Yulia Demidova,  Moscow, RU2020
  • Secrets of Diverse SkinEbony D. Kimbrough, Cancun, MX  2020
  • Saline Tattoo Removal.  Rhonda Best, National Brow Clinic, Saskatchewan, CA 2020
  • 3D Areola class.  Vicky Martin, Vicky Martin Method VMM. Workingham, UK 2020
  • Bold Brows Secrets. Cynthia and Andy Chavarria, Phi Brows Mexico,  Cancun, MX 2020
  • Dark lip Correction. Tess Marti, Tesstattoo, Vancouver, BC  2020
  • PMU Complications. Yulia Demidova, Cancun, Mexico. 2020
  • Color Theory.  Teryn Darling, Las Vegas Nevada. 2020
  • Melanin Correction. LuLu Siciliano, Miami, FL. 2021
  • Scar Microneedling & the Art of Camouflage, Vicki Hansen, Nashville, TN 2021
*Do not apply makeup to the area before or after procedure. 
*Do not consume alcoholic/caffeinated beverages on day of procedure or alcohol the night before. 
*Do not take non-vital medications which may thin blood 24 hours before procedure. Including aspirin, Tylenol, Aleve, Excedrin (any pain relieving meds) Vitamin E, Omega or Fish oil supplements. 
*If you are using any of the following products or ingredients please cease use before procedure day in the time listed. 
*glycolic/alpha hydroxy acids…7 days 
*hydroquinone…7 days. 
*lash growth serum (eyeliner only) 4 weeks 
*If you have a tendency for cold sores (for lip procedures) please begin taking your anti-viral medication 5 days prior to your appointment.

Eyeliner After Care 
Your aftercare  care consists of cleaning your eyes hourly the FIRST 4 HOURS W/ SALINE OR DISTILLED WATER after your procedure and then implementing 10 days dry healing. You will be provided with protective visors for showering. It would be best to cleanse your face with a washcloth or wipes in the mirror  for ten days to avoid splashing on your eyes. In addition, no profuse sweating (hot yoga/running/ sauna will be on pause for 10 days), no creams, no makeup directly on the eyes, no mascara, and no direct sun exposure (if will need to be in the sun for extended periods of time you must wear a wide brimmed hat & sunglasses). You will need to wait 30 days AFTER YOUR PERFECTING SESSION to restart your lash growth treatments if you are using them and two weeks before being able to apply lash extensions. You must let the scabbing process happen naturally. This is very important for your retention and skin healing. Do NOT pick at the scabs, scratch your brows, peel your scabs off, or scrub the area. This can result in scarring and will affect your overall retention of the pigment. After 10 days you may resume your normal life and beauty routines.  You may ice eyeliner area for the first day to aid swelling..
Eyebrow Aftercare 
Will be specific to each client and procedure type (microblading, powder or ombre, combination brows or nan0 brows.)  This will be discussed and determined at your appointment.  
In general, Machine brow styles aftercare consists of cleaning your eyebrows with distilled water for the first 4 hours every hour after your procedure, then implementing 10 days dry healing.  You will be provided with protective visors for showering and in some cases AfterInked Afercare lotion. It would be best to cleanse your face with a washcloth or wipes in the mirror  for ten days to avoid splashing on your brows. In addition, no profuse sweating (hot yoga/running/ sauna will be on pause for 10 days), no creams, no makeup directly on the brows, and no sun exposure (if you know you will need to be in the sun for extended periods of time you must wear a wide brimmed hat). You must let the scabbing process happen naturally. This is very important for your retention and skin healing. Do NOT pick at the scabs, scratch your brows, peel your scabs off, or scrub the area. This can result in scarring and will affect your overall retention of the pigment. After 10 days you may resume your normal life and beauty routines.
In general Microblading Aftercare consists of these guidelines.
Day 1..Procedure Day - Following the procedure you’ll need to wipe your brows with distilled water or saline every  1-2 hours. This wipes away any dried blood/fluids, or pigment left behind from your procedure which MAY cause scabbing/ pull pigment. At bedtime, wipe your brows, allow to dry THOROUGHLY & apply a THIN coat of aftercare balm ONCE DRY.  

Day 2-10 -Be very sparing with aftercare products as your skin needs  to breathe and can cause feather strokes to come off prematurely. 
* DO NOT pick or pull any flaking/scabbing that may occur.      
* Do not apply any make-up, lotions or creams…only a thin layer of aftercare 1-2 x per day.              
* Do not get your eyebrows under the shower stream or submerge your face in water. Wash your face at the sink avoiding the brows.

Day 11 and beyond- You may resume normal activities.  Don’t worry if dry skin falls from the eyebrows, this is normal and color under the skin will get darker and more noticeable after a few days.  Some of the hair strokes may come off, this is why your touch up is essential.  Microblading is a 2 step process, touch ups, if necessary should scheduled 6-12 weeks after the initial procedure. At which time the strokes and color may be tweaked to perfection.
LIPSTICK LOOK - Includes lip liner and lip color is a full-lip treatment. This treatment works miracles if you want fuller lips. Permanent makeup is much more effective for creating fuller looking lips than cosmetic fillers or even Botox. For instance, a Lipstick look full lip treatment is A great way to correct asymmetry. 
Permanent lip treatment can improve dramatically features such as:
* Lip definition
* Symmetry
* Thin lips
* Loss of color associated with aging
* Darker color 
* Ashy colored lips
Duration: 2.5 HOURS   Lasts 2-5 YEARS
LIPBLUSH/ AQAURELLE LIPS-Enhance your natural shape giving your lips a contour without seeing a defining line and helps achieve an evenness in shape.  Lips become more expressive and beautiful however appear more natural than the lipstick look.
Duration: 2 - 3 hrs.  Lasts: 2 - 4 years

PRIOR TO YOUR APPOINTMENT KEEP YOUR LIPS HYDRATED AND EXFOLIATED AT LEAST 5 DAYS.  You can exfoliate your lips using an oil & sugar mixture…a natural oil such as olive, coconut , grapeseed, avocado etc.  3-5 days before your appointment, DO NOT exfoliate 1-3 days before your appointment, lips will need to rebuild, keep them moisturized! If you have a tendency to get cold sores/ fever blisters you MUST be on an oral anti-viral medication 4-5 days prior to your appointment. Failure to do so will result in another full price session rather than the $55 touch up.

Lip Aftercare

Consists of cleaning your lips every hour for the first four hours after your procedure and then every three to four hours the day after your procedure with distilled water or Saline.  In between each wipe, After Inked or Lip Lock (provided) should be applied to your lips and your lips should be kept moist and coated at all times even at night. You must apply a thick coat of Aftercare to your lips before bedtime. We recommend keeping your lips coated and moisturized for 3- 4 weeks post procedure. Your lips may peel slightly. You must let the peeling process happen naturally. This is very important for your retention and skin healing. Do NOT pick, or scrub the area. This can result in scarring and will affect your overall retention of the pigment.

After 24-48 hours you may brush using baking soda only, continuing w/ a non-whitening toothpaste until healed (14-28 days).  You may ice lips for the first day to aid swelling.

You won't want to consume acidic foods such as- lemon/ citrus, vinegar etc for the first 48 hours. Do not consume colored beverages without straw for 78 hours after lip procedure.. Things such as coffee, wine, tea, whitening toothpaste & juice can alter the final color of lips.
**consult a physician if signs & symptoms of infection such as fever, swelling, redness, or drainage occur.
Procedures over $375 may be financed.  The total price includes the $55 touch up. A $100 deposit is required to schedule the appointment and a 15% finance fee will be added to the final payment, due at the perfecting appointment.  
For example:  
Combo Brows are $425 + $55 perfecting session, totaling  $480.  Payments would be as follows:
Reservation deposit.   $100
Initial Session.               280
Perfecting Session.        150 +15%=172.50...2-3 months later
TOTAL.                         502.50

All financed procedures require an ACTIVE card on file as well as a post dated check, you may decide how to pay at your appointment, the check will be returned to you if not used.