How to prepare for your Permanent makeup appointment.

Do not apply makeup to the area before or after procedure.
The following items will cause you to bleed out the anesthetics and be in pain.
*No alcohol on procedure day/ night before. No caffeine procedure day.
*Do not take non-vital medications which may thin blood 24 hours before procedure. Including aspirin, Tylenol, Aleve, Excedrin (any pain relieving meds) Vitamin D, E, Omega or Fish oil supplements. * Facial injections on the forehead or around the eyes must be 2 weeks before or after the procedure for brows, one month (lip filler) for lips.
*If you are using any of the following products or ingredients please cease use before procedure day in the time

  • Retinol/ Retin-A/ vitamin A- 3 weeks minimum
  • Glycolic/ Alpha-hydroxy acide- 7 days
  • Hydroquinone- 14 days
  • Vitamin C- 7 days
  • FOR EYELINER-Eyelash growth serum- 1 month.

FOR LIP PROCEDURES: PRIOR TO YOUR APPOINTMENT KEEP YOUR LIPS HYDRATED AND EXFOLIATED AT LEAST 5 DAYS.  You can exfoliate your lips using an oil & sugar mixture…a natural oil such as olive, coconut , grapeseed, avocado etc.  3-5 days before your appointment, DO NOT exfoliate 1-3 days before your appointment, lips will need to rebuild, keep them moisturized!

If you have a tendency to get cold sores/ fever blisters you MUST be on an oral anti-viral medication 4-5 days prior to your appointment. Failure to do so will result in another full price session rather than the $55 touch up.