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Nano brows, hair strokes & shading. Created with all machine, no microblading.First session, below is after the final session.
Below is the transformation process from the 1st & second session.
Powder Brows & lipblush tattoo!
Cover up/ correction of previous microblading. All photo’s are immediately following procedure, color & size will subdue about 30% with healing.
powder brows
Combination brows and soft winged eyeliner
Permanent lip makeup

Permanent lip makeup
Brows, liner & DMK for this pretty lady!!
Nano brows, all machine hair strokes and shading
Lash enhancement
combo brows
Nano brows
Eyeliner & nano brows, machine hair strokes & shading
Lip blush gave this pretty girl back what a scar had taken.
bold yet soft eyeliner
before and after microblading with manual shading
Lips & Brows for this beauty…I forgot the before brow photo:(.
Lip treatments
Brow tattooing!( see description on services page)
Powder brows
All machine hairstyle brows/ nano brows.
Soft winged liner

Combination brows
Combo brows and soft winged liner
2 year brow & liner touch up, PLUS 2 year old lips!!
Alopecia, nano brows & Lash enhancement liner.
Shape & Color Correction of older, faded microblading(not my work).
Combo brow, hairstroke’s & shading
Combo brows, check out the illusion of density where there is no hair between the stroke!
combo brows

Combo Brows

Dusty Liner
Nano Hairstrokes
Combo Brows
Correction, will heal 30% softer
Can you tell these brows are a tattoo?