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powder brows
Combination brows and soft winged eyeliner
Permanent lip makeup

Permanent lip makeup
Brows, liner & DMK for this pretty lady!!
Nano brows, all machine hair strokes and shading
Lash enhancement
combo brows
Nano brows
Eyeliner & nano brows, machine hair strokes & shading
Lip blush gave this pretty girl back what a scar had taken.
bold yet soft eyeliner
before and after microblading with manual shading
Lips & Brows for this beauty…I forgot the before brow photo:(.
Lip treatments
Powder Brows
Brow tattooing!( see description on services page)
Powder brows
Combination brows
Combo brows and soft winged liner
2 year brow & liner touch up, PLUS 2 year old lips!!
Alopecia, nano brows & Lash enhancement liner.
Shape & Color Correction of older, faded microblading(not my work).
Combo brow, hairstroke’s & shading
Combo brows, check out the illusion of density where there is no hair between the stroke!
combo brows

Combo Brows

Dusty Liner
Nano Hairstrokes
Combo Brows