Ideal Skin Return To Skincare 10/29-10/30

Back to my roots, I LOVE permanent makeup, which ties into skincare however, the pandemic has made things difficult. I have been an aesthetician 13 years…Beauty board & health department permitting…I’M BACK!!!! Being The ONLY DMK certified clinic in the tri-state area, let me show you the DMK difference, as THE NUMBER 1 LINE IN […]

25% off Brow & Liner combo’s!

Seems like we will be wearing masks for quite some time. Since this omits the need for foundation and lip color, simplify your routine and look fabulous every day With gorgeous Brows & eyeliner… mascara and done! August 1 – October 1, 2020****EXTENDED THROUGH 12/31/2020!!Click here for descriptions & pricing.


Many clients contact me for a ‘touch -up’ from another artist. Please note, this is always a new procedure, with me or any other artist. Many don’t realize their ‘touch-up’ is actually a correction. If your brows are discolored, mis shaped, or you have had multiple tattoos…it cannot always be covered. If we agree to […]


Dusty Liner (eyeliner with soft shading)  Only $125 in November, 2019! Effortlessly glamorous and soft, this technique is the ultimate permanent makeup for eyes. Dusty eyeliner is a multi faceted technique which creates eyeliner and shading, the technique was created by the incomparable Daria Chuprys, an innovator in permanent makeup who had the first ever […]

DMK ENBIOMENT ™ The next level of DMK Skin Revision is here! This is our NEW Microbiome System – Probiotic Delivery Spray. DMK Enbioment™ Mist, this conditioning spray acts as a prebiotic to establish the proper environment and provide the nutrients necessary to rebuild good bacteria found in a healthy skin.   EnbiomentTM Questions and Answers Who should […]