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Savannah Vaughn, owner & Founder of Savvy Aesthetics and myself, Jennifer Fite, Owner & Founder of Ideal Skin have put our heads together to bring you the first ALL INCLUSIVE brow training/ introduction to Permanent makeup in the tri-state area. We both began microblading in 2015, the FIRST in Kentucky, combined we have attended EVERY TRAINING necessary by the world’s top artists to form highly successful businesses. We are both licensed aestheticians with thorough knowledge of the skin, anatomy & skin types as well as proper pigment implantation for every skin type.

We each have our own style and preferences and are ready to share them all!!! Many attend a traditional 2 day training which frankly doesn’t cut it, I was lost after mine. Many years and training dollars later, we are both fully equipped and knowledgeable artists, on every subject. I used to offer 2 day trainings however HIGHLY encouraged students to train further. The worldwide pandemic and travel restrictions have limited continued education so we are offering it all in a 4 day extensive training course covering more than any training in the Bluegrass. Upon completing our course you will be able to do any style of brow tattooing, be knowledgable on pigments & color theory, safety & OSHA regulations, mapping, color selections, skin types, conditions and appropriate color selection based on ethnicity as well as the above mentioned.

The exciting world of permanent makeup is ever expanding and growing, a truly rewarding career on every level. We are excited to meet you and teach you the LATEST techniques to begin your career ahead of the game. To inquire, please e-mail us at KYbrowtraining@gmail.com.

What do you have to lose? We CAN’T WAIT TO HEAR FROM YOU!!

We have worked diligently to bring you the best supplies, knowledge and artistry options to be successful.

Training will take place at Ideal Skin, 719 Euclid Avenue, Lexington, KY 40502 March 12-12, 2021. The course is $4800 and a 20% deposit is required to reserve your spot. Feel free to call or text w/ any questions. 859-421-4683.

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    1. Hi Melissa, this training is March 12-16th and will be very thorough. We will post updates soon!

    1. Hi Shelly, this training is scheduled March 12 through the 15th.
      I tried emailing you however you must have typed your email wrong. Here’s a link to the training information and dates. if you have further questions please text me at 859-421-4683. http://idealskinlex.com/training/

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