Many clients contact me for a ‘touch -up’ from another artist. Please note, this is always a new procedure, with me or any other artist.

Many don’t realize their ‘touch-up’ is actually a correction. If your brows are discolored, mis shaped, or you have had multiple tattoos…it cannot always be covered.

If we agree to cover the older tattoo, it MUST ENCOMPASS THE OLDER TATTOO. IT WILL BE LARGER AND DARKER, if this isn’t appealing, you need removal. Imagine coloring over a black Sharpie w/ grey, then brown…it’s too saturated to cover…becoming more grey and mushy looking.

I am certified and experienced in color correction and tattoo lightening. If you have a $250 hack job, I CAN FIX IT!!! Likely not in one session, you have to trust me, and the process! No one wants to go through removal however do you want to be 90, pale w/ grey shapeless slugs as the only color your face? LET ME HELP YOU!!

Moral of the story, Quality, knowledgeable permanent make up is not ‘cheap’. THIs IS A TATTOO ON YOUR FACE!! Save & splurge the first time, if you save a few, you will spend 3x more correcting your tattoo. \

Price doesn’t always ensure quality work, look through portfolios, contact trainers etc before someone inks up YOUR FACE!!

Multiple tattoo’s w/ multiple tails CANNOT BE COVERED unless you want dark brows.

Older, microblading in natural colors
Can be covered with a powder brow.
un natural color MUST BE CORRECTED or REMOVED,

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