DMK- Buy 5, get one FREE!!

DMK’S IMMUNE BOOSTING POWER PACK…..These products are a must have in your daily routine to boost your skins self defense against pathogens and soothe irritation & skin breakdown from wearing masks.

Good while supplies last (likely through July). I willl be placing an order Saturday, May 23 so let me know if you'[d like to order!

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  1. I am interested in a better skin tone. I have darkness on my upper lip that is probably hormonal. On my chin I have big pores that I would like to repair. Of course I have wrinkles.
    I hate looking in the mirror. I have not worn foundation in over a year. I think it makes me look worse.
    I really would like to know the price of the DMK
    I also would like something Don to my brows. Thinning.
    Lee Paulson told me to get in touch with you.
    Thank you Brenda Wallace

    1. Hi Brenda, I would love to help you!! Apologies for the late reply, I get no notification of these comments!! I always suggest people text me, 859-431-4683. I’m not even sure you will see this response! I have spoken with Lee about you and she gave me your number, I will reach out asap, I am out of the country right now (9/1/21) however will call or text you as soon as I am back at work. I appreciate your interest and comment!

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