What if I told you there is a 100% guarantee, would that ease your mind?

What if I told you it’s ONLY a $200 investment? What do you have to loose? Since I found DMK I can offer you a 100% guarantee!!  Danne Montague King is beyond brilliant in his study and practice of paramedical skin revision and also a REAL, accessible human being.  His passion and compassion is unrivaled, he suffered from acne and found a solution when there was none.  A  MAJOR BONUS, his findings have managed to ‘turn back the hands of time’ in terms of aging.  It turns out strengthening the skin from the inside out, returning skin to its natural and peak performance also firms and tightens the skins matrix (internal structures)  in a way no other (non invasive) treatments/ skincare lines can.  You will not believe the transformation possible.

His study of living science has given life and confidence to those who hide their faces.  He is a true pioneer in the industry and a beautiful human being.  He is accessible to skin therapists like myself and serious about helping others.  He truly touched my heart in addition to blowing my mind scientifically.  I learn something from him almost daily which makes so much sense I can’t believe I didn’t know or figure out!  DMK treatments and products will re-educate your skin, repairing and restoring any disharmony.

DMK has been changing the lives of ordinary people and celebrities for 30 years. DMK has been the #1 skincare  in 40 countries for over 30 years I am BEYOND PROUD to introduce his brilliance to my local area as I am the ONLY DMK PARAMEDICAL SKIN THERAPIST IN KENTUCKY & INDIANA! Seeing clients shed tears of joy is all the proof I need.  Let me introduce you to a new way of thinking and the skin you’ve always wanted.  Its NEVER too late..THIS MAN IS 76 YEARS YOUNG!!!!!

Im so confident in the line I am extending the 100% guarantee!  Give me 30 days & I  PROMISE YOU WILL BE IN LOVE WITH  AND ADDICTED TO DMK!

I am offering treatments at a STEAL for $150.  

And first time clients for $200 w/ home prescriptive AT COST.

I offer this because you WILL BE BACK, everyone comes back.  A phenomenon you have to see and feel to believe.

If you don’t know me or trust me, you don’t have to, 100% guarantee…what are you waiting for?

If it’s not professional grade skincare prescribed by a QUALIFIED, EDUCATED therapist, your only applying guesswork and marketing.

I am QUALIFIED AND EDUCATED!! I am also local, in a family owned business native to Lexington over 40 years.  I AM ACCESSIBLE AND ACCOUNTABLE for your success.  PLEASE check my qualifications on my website.  SKIN IS MY ONLY BUSINESS, not a side gig.

Let me help!!  859.421.4683 call or text with questions, details or to schedule!

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