Pumpkin Treatments are only $45 through Thanksgiving!!  And Pumpkin products are 20% off!!

Pumpkin is a perennial favorite of the fall season and for good reason.

A powerhouse ingredient for skin, referred to as nature’s collagen therapy, this super fruit provides the richest source of vitamin A & beta carotene, infusing skin with potent antioxidants, while brightening and smoothing imperfec­tions

In fact, because it is a natural form of vitamin A, C and E, it’s an excellent ingredient  to incorporate into fall skin care as it helps repair the damaging effects of summer, rejuvenates, increases collagen production and gives the skin a fresh, healthy glow heading into the holiday season.


Pumpkin’s Skin-boosting Benefits

Pumpkin delivers antioxidants, vitamins, naturally occurring enzymes and AHAs to the skin, making it a highly efficacious ingredient in skin rejuvenation and overall skin health. Beyond its ultra-potent dose of naturally occurring vitamin A and beta carotene, it also contains high levels of vitamins C, B1, B2, B5 & E, which combined with additional antioxidants, helps detoxify the skin and neutralize free


radicals. When combined with other skin-rejuvenating or skin-building ingredients, it helps boost the efficacy of those ingredients. For example, when combined with peptides, the natural vitamin A enhances the response of the skin cells to stimulate collagen 


activity and increase other skin-building functions.  Combined with brightening treatments, helps reduce surface build-up and allows corrective ingredients to penetrate and go to work. Aso an excellent addition to AHAs for boosted rejuvenation and peeling. As an enzyme by itself, it can be used in home-care formulas for maintenance between facials and peels particularly for photo-   damaged and smokers skin.

Ideal Skin Pumpkin Treatments are only $45 through Thanksgiving!!  And Pumpkin products are 20% off!!


Pumpkin Treatments for the Fall

Pumpkin Peptide Polish –A corrective facial using  sake, pyruvic & phytic acid w/pumpkin enzymes to dissolve surface cells & reduce oxidative and free-radical stress. Omega essential fatty acids & growth factors further help rebuild, firm, tone and nourish for an amazing glow. 

Pumpkin Apple Fall Facial –– Using mandelic acid, arginine, pumpkin enzymes and a


pple wine extract, this treatment revives dry, summer skin. Created to awaken, tighten, firm and infuse skin w/potent antioxidant support, while brightening skin tone for a beautiful, glowing appearance.

Pumpkin Apple Fall Peel –– A light peel, ideal for aging skin tones, firms, nourishes & awakens dull, sluggish skin. Using pumpkin, apple wine extract & powerful peptides to rejuvenate and rebuild skin. Skin will be revived and renewed!

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