Models needed!!

Call us859.421.4683

Models needed!!

Only $150 for new Brows or Lips!!

Update..only powder/ombre models are still needed as of 9/5
I recently completed a world class training with the best of the best permanent makup artists & techniques worldwide!
Looking for 2 models for each of the following services for only $150 ($300 off!!)!!! I’d prefer skin which has not been previously tattooed, must be 18 yrs. of age with a valid government issued ID.
Please direct message if interested with a time and which procedure your interested in. A $50 deposit is required to reserve a time. Thank you!!

4 thoughts on “Models needed!!”

Shelley Schloss

This is something I’ve been interested in doing since I heard about it…I have extremely thin almost blonde eyebrows and have to pencil color them EVERYDAY…its so annoying…when you do the 50 deposit…is that off the 150 total? Is the rest due after procedure is done? I have been a Mary Kay consultant since about 15 yrs if not longer and not saying I dont love their brow liner, but it’s not the end result I’m looking for. Not sure if you send email or text messages but I get to those quicker than phone messages. Would love to hear from you!!

Jennifer Fite

Yes, $150 is the total cost. $5o to reserve the appointment & $100 due at time of service. Did you read through the blog? The models are needed for machine brows, not microblading. Where you interested in the hairstroke or powder/ombre brows?

Chayla Madsen

Hello! How can I direct message you? If you haven’t found anyone yet I would love to do the lips. I’m a 32 year old female. My number is(859) 553-2850. Thanks!

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