Botched brow tattoos & Correction/cover-up

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Botched brow tattoos & Correction/cover-up

With brows being all the rage this year as are the number of people embarking on a career in microblading and other forms of eyebrow permanent makeup.  I have seen the results of a few ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ eyebrow studios. There are many qualified, experienced and properly trained artists…unfortunately there are just as many not so qualified, licensed, insured and approved ‘artists’.  Many of whom have a tattoo license (which is easily obtained in KY) to show however the studio they are working from is not, hence not inspected by the health department. Some are even self-taught and have received no formal training.  Its important to see an artists portfolio, most are available online, training certificate as well as a blood borne pathogen certificate (not required in KY!!!)

Botched eyebrows may not ever be perfect (without painful, expensive laser removal treatments) however they can be improved with 3 or 4 sessions.  The first being shape and color correction which may or may not cover the old tattoo, a session to add hair strokes and a perfecting session.  The number of sessions and the desired result cannot be 100% guaranteed when dealing with older tattoo work, there are many variables including the age, shape, color, depth and scar tissue from the previous work.  Also if it was created with pigments or tattoo ink.  Brows which are uneven or have incorrect placement will determine the shape and size of new eyebrows.  All of which will be assessed at a complimentary consultation.

Below are a few examples of corrective work, some of the original tattoos were done using a stencil which is in no way tailored to the clients natural brows or face shape.  Anyone can create a beautiful or horrible eyebrow however it is important to check credentials and not bargain shop.  It is a tattoo…ON YOUR FACE!!  Choose your artist wisely.  I will continually learn and attend training and classes to perfect my art however here are my current training credentials ..more to come ( I will be attending extensive training by industry leaders in Los Angeles in  July 2018.

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