New Brows & lips for this beauty

New Brows & lips for this beauty

2 thoughts on “New Brows & lips for this beauty”

Vickie Allen

What exactly is done to the eyebrows? I didn’t see a description anywhere on the page. My email is: Thank you.

    Jennifer Fite

    Hi Vickie, Re you talking about Microblading?

    Microblading is a two-part treatment with an interval of 6-8 weeks in between appointments. On the first treatment application, brow mapping takes place and agreement of shape and color of the overall style. A topical anaesthetic is applied to ensure that there is little, or no discomfort, within the treatment, and a further anaesthetic gel is used during the treatment as a top-up. On this appointment, a I will use a sterile hand tool and needle to create light handed and fine incisions into the upper dermal layers of the skin from 0.25-0.75mm. These incisions deposit pigment into the skin and create the simulation of hair strokes. At the end of the treatment, the pigment is rested on the skin for 15 minutes for the incisions to absorb the color. Then it is removed to reveal natural feathered brows. A follow-up appointment to complete the brows is scheduled 6-8 weeks later, as this is the healing, regeneration and maturation time for the skin.

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